Xemed’s XeBox high-capacity polarizer reaches milestones

Xemed’s fourth generation XeBox polarizer, Hawking, reached two critical milestones this spring. Delivered and installed in 2011 at the Center for In-Vivo Hyperpolarized Gas at the University of Virginia, it completed its fourth year of service on April 25, 2015. Also in April it produced its 1000th liter of Xemed’s Investigational New Drug MagniXene since formal pilot studies and clinical trials began in February 2012. Production volumes of 2 liters to 2.75 liters, typically produced during 20 to 30 minute runs and distributed among three or four dosing bags, were utilized in a wide range of imaging protocols studying a variety of lung disease states. Polarization over the four year period reached maximal values of 59.4% with a median value of 41.4%, measured in the bags.

Hawking Logbook Xenon Polarizing and Usage 2015_0512_UVa

ABOUT XEMED—We are a product-focused diagnostic drug company with broad expertise and IP in the field of hyperpolarized gases, partnering with clinical researchers and the pharmaceutical industry to advance pulmonary functional MRI through regulatory approval towards worldwide commercial availability.

At Xemed, our mission is to develop inhaled diagnostic agents that are capable of improving the standard of care of respiratory diseases. We will accomplish this by establishing hyperpolarized gas as a scientifically robust, clinically validated, FDA approved, and publically available diagnostic agent for magnetic resonance imaging of lung functional microstructure. We work to demonstrate effectiveness in two fields: 1) guiding clinical management of respiratory diseases, and 2) as a drug development tool to evaluate of the safety and efficacy of new therapies