F. William Hersman PhD  —  CEO and founder

Experience initiating and leading multi-institutional scientific collaborations and enterprises. Nineteen years experience designing and assembling high-capability systems for producing, quantifying, and utilizing nuclear polarized gases for nuclear physics and medical imaging. Principal investigator on projects funded by NIH, DOE, and other sources. Sponsor of MagniXene® as a diagnostic imaging agents to the US FDA. Served in 2010 as President of the Hyperpolarized Media MR Study Group of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

Iulian C. Ruset PhD  —  Director, Clinical Studies

Experience developing hyperpolarized gas systems and developing creative imaging protocol development and disease detection and quantification. Principal Investigator of NIH-funded projects to develop quantitative biomarkers of lung functional microstructure and of alveolar oxygen concentrations. Clinical Research Director for advancing MagniXene® toward FDA approval. Coordinator of MagniXene® Imaging Network.

Jan H. Distelbrink PhD —  Director, MagniXene® Division

Experience in pursuit of scientific discovery through implementation of unique technology, both in academia and within small businesses. Principal Investigator of NIH-funded projects.

David Watt PhD —  Director, MagniLium Division

Experience in fluid dynamics, laser measurements of turbulence, and heat exchange from the perspective of fifteen years of mechanical engineering research. Principal Investigator of projects funded by NIH, DOE, and NSF.

Steve Bryn —  Director, Information Technology

Experience in software development and regulatory compliance