Who we are

Begun in 2004 as a medical technology spinoff company, Xemed has transitioned to a clinical-stage product-focused medical diagnostic company.  Xemed’s proprietary technology for producing its industry-leading hyperpolarized xenon-129 product MagniXene® is now engineered into its XeBox-E10 portable polarizer for consistent, high-quality, and cost-effective production. Through a dialog of over twenty interactions with the US FDA, Xemed has advanced the regulatory status of MagniXene® in the US and is currently initiating filings in Canada and in Europe. Through 2010, MagniXene® MRI has been used to evaluate subjects in three US clinics for a dozen diagnostic protocols in 300 studies in 30 healthy volunteers in Phase I, and 600 studies in 60 patient and healthy volunteers in Phase II. Five additional centers are entering into partnerships with Xemed to host temporary and long-term MagniXene® infrastructure installations for 2011 to participate in Xemed’s network of pilot studies and clinical trials using MagniXene®. The National Institutes of Health has invested over $100M in funding for pulmonary research with hyperpolarized noble gas MRI, with similar investments expended in Europe. Xemed is the leading commercial steward of this public investment.