Medical Devices

MagniXene® devices were assessed as posing Non-Significant Risk in association with our pilot studies and clinical trials.

Breathing bags

MagniXene® is filled into Tedlar bags and administered to clinical trial subjects and patients through simple tubing. A separate bag filled with oxygen is inhaled concurrently to maintain atmospheric oxygen concentrations. Two bags are connected to the mouth tube by a “Y” connector.

Chest coil

In order for the scanner to image the inhaled MagniXene®, it must be able to transmit and receive radio signals at the resonance frequency of xenon-129. Working with academic collaborators, Xemed has prepared a prototype chest coil with 32 receive element mated to an asymmetric birdcage transmit coil.

Bags of MagniXene® and oxygen are joined through a “Y” connector and breathed concurrently for an imaging session.

Xemed’s xenon-tuned transmit-receive chest coil is being upgraded with a new mechanical structure, providing improved comfort.