Pipeline & Products

Two gases, helium-3 and xenon-129, are technically well suited for applications in pulmonary functional magnetic resonance imaging. Hyperpolarized helium-3 has provided the most data for validating biomarkers of disease and supporting clinical applications. All the while, researchers recognized that the limited supply of helium-3 would constrain future progress, and that a transition from using helium-3 to xenon-129 was inevitable. The near exhaustion of the helium-3 supply in 2009 led to soaring helium-3 prices. The concurrent emergence of Xemed’s efficient production technology for hyperpolarized xenon-129 is now driving that transition.

MagniXene®: Xemed’s hyperpolarized xenon-129 magnetic resonance imaging agent.

Xemed and the MagniXene® Imaging Network of clinical research sites are validating MagniXene® toward FDA approval as a diagnostic drug and quantifying imaging biomarkers of disease phenotype and severity, for qualification by the FDA as a drug development tool.

MagniLium: Xemed’s hyperpolarized helium-3 product.

Xemed is developing a hyperpolarized helium-3 centralized production facility While this may provide legacy support for dozens of clinical sites worldwide, the immediate application of HeliBox-Z100 will be to meet the high polarization, high flow requirements of the helium-3 fundamental nuclear physics research community.