Xebox Xenon Polarizer operating at UPenn

Scientific Reports publishes article describing a method for assessing pulmonary gas transport using MagniXene®

This study took advantage of the high polarization of MagniXene® to explore the dynamics of xenon uptake into the lung parenchyma and blood in rabbits. The Chemical Shift of xenon allows for distinguishing NMR frequencies between gas phase (GP) and dissolved phase (DP) and separating their MRI images … more

Xebox Xenon Polarizer operating at UPenn

Xenon Polarizer Delivery to University of Pennsylvania

Xemed has delivered one XeBox xenon polarizing system to the University of Pennsylvania. The research group led by Dr. Rahim Rizi accepted the polarizer upon independently confirming polarization over 48% at a flow rate of 4.5 liters of xenon per hour. … more

Hawking Logbook Xenon Polarizing and Usage 2015_0512_UVa-101x123

Xemed’s XeBox high-capacity polarizer reaches milestones

Xemed’s fourth generation XeBox polarizer, Hawking, reached two critical milestones this spring. Delivered and installed in 2011 at the Center for In-Vivo Hyperpolarized Gas at the University of Virginia, it completed its fourth year of service on April 25, 2015. Also in April it produced its 1000th liter of Xemed’s Investigational New Drug MagniXene since formal pilot studies and clinical trials began in February 2012. Production volumes of 2 liters to 2.75 liters, typically produced during 20 to 30 minute runs and distributed among three or four dosing bags, were utilized in a wide range of imaging protocols studying a variety of lung disease states. Polarization over the four year period reached maximal values of 59.4% with a median value of 41.4%, measured in the bags. … more


National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to fund Xemed grant

Xemed announced today receipt of a “Notice of Award” for its Competitive Continuation SBIR Phase 2 proposal entitled “Regulatory Advancement of HXe as a Diagnostic MRI Contrast Agent” from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Principal Investigator Iulian C. Ruset, Xemed’s Director of Imaging Applications, will lead the … more

Dr. Grace Parraga

Xemed completes regulatory filings with Health Canada

The Office of Clinical Trials of Health Canada has issued its “No Objection Letter” to two clinical trial protocols developed by Xemed and its Canadian collaborators, clearing the way for a new international branch of its research investigations into clinical indications for its hyperpolarized 129Xe magnetic resonance imaging agent MagniXene™. Earlier in the summer, Xemed had submitted a “Drug Master File” on MagniXene™ to Health Canada to begin the two-step regulatory filing process. … more

If New Hampshire’s proposal is selected, UNH and Xemed will collaborate with researchers at the DOE’s Spallation Neutron Source (pictured) and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory on next-generation 3He polarization systems

State of New Hampshire committee selects UNH’s proposal including Xemed technology to compete for funding through the Department of Energy’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research

The State of New Hampshire’s committee responsible for implementing the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) has selected the proposal from the University of New Hampshire and Xemed entitled “Advanced Hyperpolarized Gas Technology for Basic Science and Economic Development” as its submission for 2011. Twenty-nine states and jurisdictions across the country whose level of federal research funding is less-than-average are eligible to submit a single proposal. New Hampshire’s proposal will now compete at the national level for three years of funding from the Department of Energy. … more

Isabel Dregely at the ISMRM Young Investigator Award ceremony

Xemed collaborator Isabel Dregely has been selected by the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine as the recipient of their W.S. Mooore Young Investigator Award.

Xemed has learned that the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine selected Isabel Dregely, a Xemed collaborator who completed her PhD in the University of New Hampshire’s Department of Physics last December 2010, as the recipient of their W.S.Moore Young Investigator Award. Three finalists competed by presenting talks in a plenary session and by defending a poster on their work to the awards committee. The selection process was completed on Thursday May 12 at this year’s annual meeting in Montreal, Canada, and the award was presented by Dr. Li Debiao, President of the Society. … more